50+ Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics - 2021 Guide

Argumentative essays are an interesting type of essay. High school and college students are often assigned with argumentative essay writing assignments. Many students find such assignments hard and do not risk doing it themselves. They rather prefer to essay writing service and get rid of the stress. 

There are certain things that can make the essay writing process easy. The first thing to do when an essay writing assignment is assigned to you is to understand the type of essay you are required to write. This way you will understand how you need to manipulate the information in your essay and from which sources you should collect the information to include in your essay. 

Another thing that plays a major role in making the essay writing process easy is the selection of a good topic. If an essay writer has a good topic in hand, essay writing. 

Here we have summed up a few interesting argumentative essay topics to help you write a good essay. 


  1. Adoption of children should be allowed to homosexual partners.
  2. Parents should be allowed to physically discipline their children?
  3. Housewives or working women? What should be the essay writer
  4. Children brought up better in two-parent households?
  5. Someone who has been convicted of a sex crime should not be allowed to visit his family. 
  6. It is not ethical to forcibly take away children from their parents if the state feels that the parents are incompetent?
  7. What are the advantages and benefits of spending time with children?
  8. Do same-sex couples make better or worse parents? What is your opinion?
  9. What positive and negative long-term effects can corporal punishment have on children?
  10. Should parents allow their children to use the internet without any restrictions? 


  1. Basic healthcare should be free for all in the USA. 
  2. The prisoners in the United States have healthcare facilities similar to free persons?
  3. Medical experiments on the animals must be stopped. 
  4. The medical knowledge gained from experiments performed on people in Nazi concentration camps is still useful. 
  5. The government should standardize both private and public healthcare systems.
  6. How should the United States cope with an increasingly aging population?
  7. People with sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDs, should be forcibly put into a write my essay.
  8. Is drug and alcohol addiction a disease or just a mind game?
  9. Military service members should sue military doctors for medical malpractice.
  10. The medical situation of the 21st Century is highly affected by social conditions these days. 

Hopefully, all these topics will help you write a good argumentative essay yourself and you will not have to ask someone to “write my essay”. Despite having all the guidelines and required data, there are many students who are not confident enough to write essays all by themselves.

On the other hand, there are some students who can write essays but since their grades are already drowning and they can not afford a low-quality essay. 

For such students, the best option is to opt for a write my essay for me. If you are one of those students, then these services can not merely write an essay for you but also ensure you good quality of the essay.

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